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Enjoy Free Shipping on UK orders over £35 & Worldwide Orders over $60

About Us

Beyond Genetics isn’t just a catchy brand name or catch phrase. Beyond Genetics is a way of life. We set out with the goal of allowing hard working athletes to emphasise their hard work in the weight room, and the dedication to their diet. Our bodybuilding clothing, Bodybuilding Stringer Vests allow you to train without restrictions. 

The bodybuilding clothing industry & fitness industry has experienced a renaissance in recent years, bringing fitness back to the forefront of today’s pop culture. Beyond Genetics offers a wide range of bodybuilding clothing including, Bodybuilding stringer vests, muscle fit t-shirts & gym hoodies along with recent additions, demanded by you, such as our snapbacks. Beyond Genetics enables you to do just that, to go above and beyond your potential, and bring a touch of style, fashion, backed up by comfort and quality into the gym.

Beyond Genetics is located in Bristol UK. Our team have networked and liaised with a number of organisations, gyms and fitness centres within the local area. We have an exceptional working relationship Trojan Fitness, also based in Bristol.For those in the area who visit either of these gyms, you can find the entire Beyond Genetics range of bodybuilding clothing & gym wear including our stringer vests, gym t shirts, snapbacks and bodybuilding hoodies.

In time, we are sure that Beyond Genetics will become the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things fitness and bodybuilding clothing related. Since launch, we have listened to the feedback of our fans, followers and customers and grown our range to meet the needs, and wants of YOU! Our latest product range comprises of snapback hats, a fashionable way to exuberate your personality in and outside of the gym. We have expanded the colour choices and options on all of our other gym wear lines. Including our bodybuilding hoodies, stringer vests and muscle fit t-shirts. We aim to expand our existing range of gym wear lines each month, along with adding completely new product ranges to the site, as requested by you.

Rock a stringer vest on any upper body day, to see the results of your hard work in action. You can view our entire range of gym vests here.

Our Bodybuilding Hoodies allow you to cover and keep warm. Whilst it’s nice to rock a stringer vest on arms day, in the winter bulking months you may want to cover up whilst adding muscle mass. The bodybuilding hoodies available from Beyond Genetics offers the maximum support in comfort and in style. You can view our entire range of gym hoodies here.

Whether you’re in the gym, out on the streets, or lounging around the house, nothing says aesthetic like a tight muscle fit t-shirt. At Beyond Genetics we offer a vast range of bodybuilding t-shits, gym t-shirts and muscle fit t-shirts. These t-shirts extenuate an aesthetic physique, coming in a tight fit, showing off the arms, chest and delts you have sculpted from countless hours in the gym. These tight fitting muscle t-shirts are great for working out in, or wearing for any occasion. View the entire range of Beyond Genetics muscle fit t-shirts here.

Beyond Genetics takes pride in empowering people. That is why we established the Beyond Genetics bodybuilding clothing team. Our athletes understand the deeper route & meaning of Beyond Genetics. We are more than just a bodybuilding clothing supplier. We are more than a gym wear supplier. Beyond Genetics is a way of life. The entire Beyond Genetics team support our cause, and fully endorse our entire range of gym clothing, as we support them. You can learn more about the Beyond Genetics Athletes along with following them on social media.